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Buck Angel & Luke Hudson


Luke Hudson's an amazing guy who started transitioning early in life. Even as a boy, he was quite good looking. "I've been having sex with everybody, even before I transitioned; I'm pansexual." Not having any top surgery, Luke's muscular physic suites him well. He's on Buck-Angel.com to get some money for his schooling and life goals. Now, let's see some sex.

Lubing up, Luke uses the Buck-Off to work up his, "dick, cock, pussy, it's all good." This guy has got a very hot body and the camera is catching some very nice angles of his ripped abs. As he edges and responds to the toy, he changes to the new Kiss-X; the smaller opening and suction is unbelievable. Using both hands, Luke looks down at his cock being serviced and gets in the zone. Close, he goes on all fours as I give him a hand; his entire shaft has constant pressure from the toy. Within a few minutes, Luke creams; life's good for this 21 year-old guy.