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Dark Room


Tokyo has been an amazing journey so far; today I'm here with Axel Abysse as we explore each other and shoot for Buck-Angel.com in a beautiful Bathhouse. Intertwined and sucking one another, the sounds alone are enough to excite, add in Axel's blowing abilities, and wow. Fingering this boy's hole gets me ready for fucking; he goes on all fours and opens up nicely. Riding back on me, Axel begs for more; taking all of my cock, he is set to be fisted.

Arched back, Axel squeals as he takes it to my wrist; I alternate from cock to glove. Moaning loudly, he then releases; his orgasms put me on the edge. Blowing me, Axel sucks me dry. Sliding down his torso, I check out his beautiful rosebud; his pulsing hole is amazing. Moving to the bath, Axel keeps one hand in his hole and his mouth in full motion, on me. Letting it all flow, I squirt right into his mouth; the orgasms leave me fully gratified.

Talking about our experience, the one thing to take away is that the more you release yourself from labels and boundaries, the more powerful the experience you will have. Guys don't have to shoot cum to experience amazing orgasms, just watch Axel. We all agree, the connection you make with your partner(s) is the key. Be safe and have an awesome time.