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Dane & Marc: Naked Truth Part Four


I love to watch as Marc thumps his cock; it's so hard. Lubing and stroking, Buck and I chat about Marc's "meat; "it's all about the cock." Offering him a choice, "Marc says, "blow me." Using my hands and mouth, I concentrate on how perfect that cock feels down my throat; we've done this a lot of times, but with Buck filming, we both are much more excited. Asking for an anal toy, Marc keeps himself hard. We both have tried to use this toy, but it is just too big.

Enjoying the extra "natural lube," I suck and swallow; Marc gives an, "ah fuck." Close, I sense Buck behind me with the camera; he films through my legs as Marc unloads. Hitting his stomach, Marc and I grin at one another; hope you liked what you saw.