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Dane & Marc: Naked Truth Part Two


Okay, now for some of the good nasty stuff. Dane and Marc are open within their relationship and therefore use condoms; being safe is the right way to go. As Dane adds some spit and sucks on Marc's cock, the bottom then goes on all fours; the top rhythmically takes his partner from behind and gets a, "fuck yeah," for his "hard" work. Having no problem taking a dick, Dane allows me to "get in tight," and really show the nice "connection" between he and Marc. Panning back, I also get a great shot of them as Dane deep throats.

Going back in, Marc again finds just the right angle; "fuck, I'm gonna cum again," groans Dane. Positioning back to doggie, the top grabs both hips for leverage as Dane's ass jiggles; damn, these guys are hot. With both jacking off, the two intertwine legs and watch one another. Close, these two have a bit more "exhibitionist" in them before I get the money shots.