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Chance Encounter Interview


Chance Encounter is 31, from Cali and he found me. Open to talking about his change, which has only been six months, this man has "always felt this way." To his family, "no shock there;" all are accepting. Knowing that now is the time to really enjoy himself, Chance says, "life isn't any better than it is right now." The only challenge was the thought of the people he works with; "I asked them to use a male pronoun or my name." All seem to be cool with them too; he just gives off an energy that is amazing. Now, let's talk binders on Buck-Angel.com. Standing and undoing his high-end binder, he shows how it comes off; he then sits as we talk man to man. As far as attractions, Chance is into people. "I'm horny all the time;" sometimes I'm "late for work" he says as he laughs. Rubbing one out, today he will be paired with Trent.