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Xander: Mini-Me And All


Xander's smile is great, but he is a bit nervous filming for Buck-Angel.com; he looks more masculine than last we met. He actually has been off T for about a year; he was on it for two years prior to that. He also has a young son to take care of, "people who see him say he's one of the happiest little boys they've ever met." Raising him in a healthy environment, Xander works toward teaching him to be happy in his own body. Communication with Xander's own mom has, "come full circle." Without hormones, Xander feels out of sorts; "hormones are their own antidepressants. But his mom wants him to be happy and asks, "what can I do to help?"

Talking about his relationships, he says, "it's about hearts, not parts." Comfortable with who he is, "I'm attracted to everything." With a woman now, "she gets me." She also knows he's filming here; her only comment was, "when can I watch the video?" As far as sex goes, she likes her man; "it's the best of both worlds." Removing his shirt and two binders, Xander is well endowed and not taking T has him rebuilding tissue for now, but he does want top surgery; "I just want to walk around without a shirt on." He wears his binders during sex and feels his chest is just not how he wants it. Pulling off his pants, Xander presents his, "Mini-me." He jerks off daily and can get it up anytime his girl wants it.